The Pet Spa: Steam Spray Massage Brush For Dogs

You may be asking yourself, what is the Steam Spray Massage Brush for Dogs? Name: Steam BrushWebsite:  Available on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.Price: $15.99 unless on saleBrand: Dumpill How does the Pet Spa Steam Massage Brush work? To use the steam massage brush, you just open the large paw … Read more

What is Heartguard Plus and How Do I Use It?

Heartguard Plus is a monthly beef flavored chew that contains everything you need to protect your dog or puppy from Heartworm and several other internal parasites. Heartguard Plus comes in two sizes. The Green Box Heartguard Plus covers dogs/puppies who are 26 to 50 pounds. The Brown Box Heartguard Plus covers dogs/puppies who are 50 … Read more

Should I Get Health Insurance for my Dog?

When people buy dogs, they ultimately ask themselves if they should get health insurance for their dog. Depending on their experiences with pets, a lot of people find that a general amount per month is a safe set up. Then, if they have an unexpected veterinarian service need, they can utilize their dog health insurance … Read more

What Mom Really Wants on Mother’s Day

What moms really want on Mother’s Day is to win a free baby nursery, home or yard security cam. It doesn’t matter whether your baby has fur or not. This is the secret want of all moms: that a surveillance cam is offering back up nanny protection services. Second to the creator himself, only a … Read more

I Am The Advanced GPS Dog Collar

There are several kinds of GPS dog collars out there. They are not all dependable. This is because some require an I-Phone be nearby to track. Today I decided I would introduce you to the multi-satellite GPS dog collar device! It runs using three different satellite positions. It can give you a location within six … Read more

Hello I Am Barkbox Power Chewer!

Hello! Meet the Barkbox Power Chewer monthly supply box. It has everything you need to enhance joy and toy drive with your dog! It is filled with toys/bones/dog chews/treats that are designed for the power chewer.  You can get a monthly frontier of; joys, toys, bones, chews and treats! Did you know that only three … Read more

What Are Rex Specs for Dogs?

Rex Specs for Dogs are Dog Sun Protection Goggles. All dogs can wear them for protection and prevention. Have your dog wear them when outside to protect your dogs eyes from sun exposure. If you are going on a hike or outdoor activities with your dog, it is recommended that they wear them. They are … Read more

What is a Dexas Mudbuster and do they work?

When I first bought a Mudbuster, I waited awhile before using it. Of course after I started using it, my floors were much cleaner. And of course so were my dog’s paws. As people we go in for pedicures and foot treatments. It is the same for your loyal best friend! THE MUDBUSTER: Cost: $18.91 … Read more