What Are Rex Specs for Dogs?

Rex Specs for Dogs are Dog Sun Protection Goggles. All dogs can wear them for protection and prevention. Have your dog wear them when outside to protect your dogs eyes from sun exposure. If you are going on a hike or outdoor activities with your dog, it is recommended that they wear them. They are also recommended for dogs who have eye conditions.

Pannus is one eye condition where dogs should wear these. Pannus in dogs is called Chronic Superficial Keratitis. Parts of the dog’s eye can become pigmented or cloudy. Pannus is a condition that is affected by the dog’s immune system.

Some dogs are more susceptible to eye conditions like Pannus when living at high altitude locations, and spending lots of time outdoors in the sun. Pannus can occur in any breed, any size dog.

Training your dog to wear Rex Specs does take effort on your part. They also have to be supervised while wearing them.

Make sure you have your dog evaluated by a Veterinarian, and obtain Veterinarian assistance if your dog has a condition with their eyes.

If they do not you can still utilize Rex Specs, or, similar dog sun protection goggles.

What do Rex Specs look like?

Rex Specs come in all colors and sizes. You can shop for Rex Specs here.

Rex Specs

They are available at Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Are there other brands of Dog Sun Protection Goggles?

Yes. Dog Sun Protection Goggles come in all colors, brands, sizes and variations. You can look at others here:

Dog Sun Protection Goggles

These are available at Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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