What is Heartguard Plus and How Do I Use It?

Heartguard Plus is a monthly beef flavored chew that contains everything you need to protect your dog or puppy from Heartworm and several other internal parasites. Heartguard Plus comes in two sizes. The Green Box Heartguard Plus covers dogs/puppies who are 26 to 50 pounds. The Brown Box Heartguard Plus covers dogs/puppies who are 50 pounds and heavier.

Heartworm is an internal parasite the dog can contract from a single mosquito bite. Anywhere there’s standing water and thawed snow, there can be a dangerous Heartworm carrying mosquito. Once bitten the Heartworm larvae hatch into worms inside your dog, including worms inside the dog’s heart vessels, auricles, ventricles, aorta etc. The dog can die of the Heartworm infestation in their blood vessels and heart.

The cost to treat Heartworm using real veterinary intervention treatment is upwards of $1500. This does not include follow up X-rays to ensure that the dead worms have passed, and your dog is actually safe now. Not all dogs can survive Heartworm treatment, and may die of Heartworm infection during treatment.

You can read about Heartguard Plus for Heartworm and parasite protection for your dog here. Please do order it now so your dog is protected against Heartworm and other internal parasites. Not all worm treatments cover Heartworm. We know that Heartguard Plus does!

 Heartgard Plus for Dog

When you order Heartguard Plus the dog pharmacy checks in with your veterinarian to get approval to send it to you. Some veterinarians will require you to test your dog for Heartworm first. The Heartworm test itself is usually about ten dollars. However you may still have to pay the hourly veterinarian fee for having your dog seen by the veterinarian.

There are different brands of Heartworm protection. However we have used Heartguard Plus on all our dogs for over twenty years, with no concerns or notable side effects. The monthly chew is something the dog accepts as a treat.

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