Should I Get Health Insurance for my Dog?

When people buy dogs, they ultimately ask themselves if they should get health insurance for their dog. Depending on their experiences with pets, a lot of people find that a general amount per month is a safe set up. Then, if they have an unexpected veterinarian service need, they can utilize their dog health insurance plan.

The dog health insurances vary from $55. a month on up. Some people buy it, and then later cancel it after no use of it. Other people find dog health insurances do not cover pre-existing conditions their pet has. It is true that many dog insurance policies don’t cover the dog’s pre-existing health conditions. So if your dog has already been diagnosed with any condition, you know going into it you can’t get coverage on that.

What if there was a pet insurance alternative option, costing less than $20. a month?

There are also pet insurance alternative options. Some are less than twenty dollars a month. Read about plans that start at $6.58 a month.

Some have you enroll your pet, and utilize veterinarians that are in their approved plan group. Then, when you go to plan approved veterinarians, you get instant discounts on pet services at that veterinarian.

They even have a process where you can ask your veterinarian to join their approved group of veterinarians. So if your veterinarian is not on their list of participating veterinarians, you can ask them to join.

There are also plans referred to as wellness. In wellness plans, you can get reimbursements for routine veterinarian exams and services. You are simply rewarded with reimbursements, for getting standard health check services done on your dog.

Can you sign up for both a Veterinary Discount Plan and a Wellness Plan?

Yes you can enroll in both a Veterinary Discount Plan and a Wellness Plan. Then, you can get instant discounts on services when using plan approved veterinarians. You can also get wellness plan reimbursements on certain routine services completed at your veterinarian’s office.

So yes, there are alternative ways to get help with dog veterinarian costs which are different that purchasing dog health insurance.

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The alternatives to buying dog health insurance are enrolling in Veterinarian Discount Plans and Wellness Plans. You can enroll in one and not the other. Or, you can enroll in a Veterinarian Discount Plan and a Pet Wellness Plan. People often do that so they get instant discounts and select reimbursements when getting routine veterinarian services for their pet.

These plans are for both dogs and cats. You can enroll one or all of your pets, depending on what their needs are. Like all benefits programs, you have to read through all the benefits information before signing up. You can even cancel if you later decide you do not want the discounts or reimbursements the alternative plans have.

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