How To Make No Sew Wool Boot Inserts At Home: Keep Warm When Out Walking Your Dog

Yesterday I was out walking dogs, and the snow was falling. It was soft, wet mushy snow. I soon found myself and boots covered in snow and mud. It was one of those days you just want to wash your boots inside and out! I even shampooed some of our dogs in the grooming tub. But, this snow and mud was so fun they went right back out and mudded up!

My boot inserts were totally worn out and muddy!

I definitely needed new boot inserts. However I was enjoying the fun February snow. I wanted to just play in the snow, and throw balls and frizbees for dogs all day! I had to come up with a plan.

You can make no sew wool boot insert replacements at home with no special materials!

How can I fix this boot insert deal fast and at home- with no special materials?

I began looking around the house, kitchen and shop!

I found a big, thick, heavy rectangle of wool batting! It had originally arrived here as a shipping box insert liner(for fragile goods purchased and shipped to our home).

Because it was 100% solid wool batting, I kept it for future home craft use. I for certain would never throw out a large piece of pure wool batting! Would you? It was definitely not your usual shipping box liner material, so I kept it. At that time, I felt blessed to find a free piece of it!

So, I found that. Then, I got a piece of cardboard from the bottom of a canned dog food box! I found a black laundry pen in the kitchen drawer. I placed the old, muddy, worn out boot liners on the cardboard. I traced around them with the black laundry pen.

I found scissors in the kitchen drawer as well. So I cut out my very own, personal boot liner patterns from the cardboard. Then, I traced them onto a piece of the wool batting. This wool batting I had was ultra thick and durable. This thick, heavy size wool batting was best. This is because it would compress to keep my feet both cushioned and warm.

The rest is history!

I found a FISKARS quilters’ cutting wheel, and used it to cut out the wool batting inserts. I then found some old wool socks to wrap around each wool batting insert. Ankle length socks worked best! No sewing was needed. I put the socks on the inserts just like on my own two feet! I even folded the end of the sock back for style!

Yes, you can make no sew wool boot inserts at home with no special materials!

Below stated is my materials list: exactly what I used to make these no sew wool boot inserts at home. I found all this stuff just out and about in my home and shop!

You can certainly buy these items, and keep them around at home in a big drawer. I certainly would! You can find all of them on Amazon. Just click on each highlighted item. It will take you to the Amazon aisle where you can buy it.

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If you do not want to make your own wool boot inserts, yes you can just zoom in to Amazon and buy some.

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Ready Made Wool Boot Inserts

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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