I Am The Advanced GPS Dog Collar

There are several kinds of GPS dog collars out there. They are not all dependable. This is because some require an I-Phone be nearby to track.

Today I decided I would introduce you to the multi-satellite GPS dog collar device! It runs using three different satellite positions. It can give you a location within six feet. It also has the longest battery life. So if you need to also verify the welfare of the people with the dog, this is it!

The collar build is based on the style and size you pick. So you can get the colors and styles you want when doing a collar build order. It’s made specific to your selections, as this is the housing that carries the tracking device.

You can see how to build the collar here!

If you are ever working a dog off leash on a Search and Rescue, you will want to learn more about GPS dog collars that are independent of I-Phones. They do escape detection too…. like if your are at work and a delivery person accidently does not latch your yard gate.

There’s always a time when you call your dog and for whatever reason, they are being naughty. You are out playing with them and doing off leash…. and your I-Phone is in the car. Or, maybe they saw a rabbit and couldn’t help but chase it into the woods.

This is when you will love yourself for utilizing an Advanced GPS dog collar.

Advanced GPS dog collars offer dependable coverage, tracking location within six feet, and the longest battery life. You get 411 on location and activity.

The Purpose of The Advanced GPS Dog Collar is Safety and Security

Know where your dog is- even during an off leash search activity.

If you ever need a paw, or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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