What Kibble Should I Use for a Large Breed Puppy?

To get this big….  what should I feed my large breed puppy who is now this big? Why am I currently using Victor Large Breed Puppy kibble? Victor dog foods are designed with working line dogs in mind. Slower digestion means that the dog has better absorption of the nutrients. That translates into optimal health … Read more

What are Puppy Playpens?

Puppy Playpens are easy to set up puppy corrals! Create a safe play and relaxation space for your puppy Ensure they do not get into anything they might chew up Teach the puppy where their relaxation and play space are Introduce them to their new home small space at a time You can buy extra … Read more

What is a Prong Training Collar for Dogs?

Welcome to DogWorkSupply.com where we discuss all things dog! Why do you use prong training collars when training large breed dogs? Large breed dogs are strong enough to drag you, or, knock you over if you are holding the leash. So for safety and training, there has to be a direct communication piece between the … Read more

What is the Aquapaw Slow Treat Feeder?

The Aquapaw Slow Treat Feeder is a single serving dog treat dispenser that can stick to the wall, floor or even the tile in your tub/shower. If you have a dog that is stubborn about bath night you can stick the Aquapaw feeder on the side wall of the tub/shower (slathered with some canned dog … Read more

Click & Train Your Dog Book Review: Dog Training at Home

Name of Book: Superdog Clicker Training Your Dog for Success: Puppy Training, Basic Skills, Tricks and Agility Click and Train Your Dog: Using Clicker Training to Transform Your Common Canine into a Superdog Author:  Mary Ray Price: $12.55 Dog Clickers Sold Separately  Overall Rank: 10/10 Both books by Mary Ray teach you how to conduct training with … Read more

Natural Dog Treats Containing Glucosamine

Why should you feed your dog beef trachea, pig ears and other natural forms of dog treats? As dog owners, we give our dogs supplements like NuVet Double Joint Plus or NuVet Double Strength Double Joint Plus to make sure their hips/joints stay healthy. You can prevent injuries to dog’s hips/joints by supplementation to ensure … Read more

Vetsmart Formulas: Critical Immune Defense Review

What is it?  Vetsmart Formulas Critical Immune Defense is sometimes called Dog Mushrooms!  It contains a mixture of mushrooms and white turmeric root extract.  It also contains Milk Thistle, Vitamins C and other vitamins.  This product is Made in the USA. What does it do for dogs? The information out there is that it helps … Read more