What are Puppy Playpens?

Puppy Playpens are easy to set up puppy corrals!

  • Create a safe play and relaxation space for your puppy
  • Ensure they do not get into anything they might chew up
  • Teach the puppy where their relaxation and play space are
  • Introduce them to their new home small space at a time
  • You can buy extra panels and expand the space
  • Some are designed for indoor use
  • Some are designed for outdoor use

Which ones are for indoor use and which ones are for outdoor use?

  • Read through the information on each type. Usually the ones suitable for outdoor use are made of heavier, metal materials. Outdoor use requires some anchoring systems as well.

Read about an indoor puppy playpen set up!

Read about outdoor puppy playpen set-ups!

Puppy playpens are a valuable training tool, and ensure safety when caring for a new puppy who is still teething!

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