NuVet Plus Dog Supplements

NuVet Plus: Your Dog's Best Friend

Name: NuVet Plus


$55.50 or $47.15 on AutoShip

NuVet Labs

Training Quality: 10/10

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How NuVet Plus Dog Supplements Work

For large dogs, give your dog one wafer per day as a treat. (For large breed puppies under six months old, give them a half of a wafer per day). It is made from cold pressed chicken liver, so it tastes like chicken liver. NuVet Plus is an immunity booster, so it can strengthen your dog’s immune system. Boosting your dog’s immune system with this supplement adds protection against communicable diseases, including viral and bacterial.

Training Quality Section

Dogs love the taste of NuVet Plus supplements. Before you give your dog their NuVet wafer, shake the bottle of NuVet. Once they arrive, have them sit. Then give them their daily NuVet wafer. If you ever need to give them other supplements or medications, you can shake the NuVet bottle and they will come sit for you! Doing things this way teaches your dog how to take pill medication.


NuVet dog supplements cost $55.50 per bottle. You can get them for $47.15 on Autoship. You can get a 15% discount on this product if you request Autoship at purchase. The bottles are huge, and last four or five months or so.

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I have given these supplements to my dogs for over a decade. This support product is key to building a strong immune systems in dogs. I have not had to take them in to the vet for communicable illness, viral or bacterial. They also love taking their NuVet because it tastes like chicken liver. When I shake the NuVet bottle, my dogs come running for their treat! It’s the best kind of treat you could ever give them because it helps them maintain optimal health.

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