Working Dog Extraordinaire

So many times we see a working service canine in action, on television, in an airport, or simply at the grocery store with their handler. Magnificence aside, we ponder what went into the creation of such a force of nature and good will. These are the heroes who find trapped survivors in earthquake wreckage. These are the heroes who make up our Search and Rescue Teams all across our nation. These are the heroes that go to work every day with our law enforcement officers, our military personnel, and all the people who depend on them for companionship.

Working Dog Training Equipment

Dog Work Supply has the kind of training equipment you need for your working line dog. We have agilities packages, training toys, treats, treat bags, books, dog clickers, dog beds/cots, collars, leashes, harnesses, muzzles and vests.

Working Dog Travel Equipment

Dog Work Supply has the kind of travel equipment you need. We have collapsible water bowls, no spill water bowls, hard sided dog crates, soft sided airline approved cabin carriers, seat belt harness clips, and dog supply bags.

Working Dog Grooming Equipment

Dog Work Supply has the kind of grooming equipment you need. We have portable dryer air grooming machines, mud buster paw cleaning tumblers, portable dog wash grooming tubs, steel grooming tubs, dog brushes/combs, dog shampoo bar soap, dog shampoos, dog grooming gloves and dog mud cleaning mat rugs.

Best Working Dog Food

Dog Work Supply has the kind of nutritious dog food you feed an active, working line dog. Optimize your working dog’s health by selecting nutritious food, treats, and bones.

Dog Work Supply is a universe of products and supplies you need to care for and train your dog.

Make Dog Work Supply your one stop shop for all your dogs’ care, feeding, training, traveling and grooming supply needs.

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