Vetsmart Formulas: Critical Immune Defense Review

What is it? 

  • Vetsmart Formulas Critical Immune Defense is sometimes called Dog Mushrooms!  It contains a mixture of mushrooms and white turmeric root extract.  It also contains Milk Thistle, Vitamins C and other vitamins.  This product is Made in the USA.

What does it do for dogs?

  • The information out there is that it helps dogs build an immune defense against dog cancers.  Immune boosting compounds often address immunity against communicable dog diseases.  This one is designed to support and build T-Helper cells in dogs.  This is why there is a belief that it assists dogs in their defense against cancer.

How does the dog take this supplement?

  • This supplement is a dry powder.   You can mix it in your dog’s food, or, sprinkle it on top.  It is beef flavored.  So you can also mix some in warm water to make your dog an immune boosting broth to drink!

How do I use it with my dogs?

VetSmart Formulas Critical Immune Defense.  

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