Kong dog toys and Nylabones are to date the most durable dog toys/bones around. They can be used with large dog breeds and power chewers. It’s good to have a variety of them around.

The traditional Kong dog toys are so durable they can be left around. They can even be filled up with dog kibble, dog treats or cheese. Kong also makes other enjoyable dog toys, which may or may not be left around unsupervised. This is because on some of the variety toys, large power chewers can damage them. They still can last a long time if put away after use/play is done.

Look at Traditional Kong dog toys. They come in all sizes and colors. The Kong Extreme dog toy is very tough, and can take a lot of tough tooth gripping. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Kong also makes a large dog ball with a pick up and carry handle. It’s called the Kong Jumbler Ball. They squeak when bitten. These last a long time if taken care of. They must be secured after play/use to ensure the power chewer doesn’t pop their teeth though the ball, or, pop the manufactured seal on the port of the ball. If you are training a service dog to pick up and carry, the Kong Jumbler Ball is your great start!

If you are looking for tough, durable, Kong dog toys for aggressive power chewers, they have it covered!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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