Feeding Pumpkin To Dogs

My veterinarian told me that pumpkin is good for dogs and puppies! It helps with digestion.

  • You can mix pumpkin into dog food, or sprinkle dry pumpkin on their kibble. You must use pure pumpkin, unsweetened, without any other ingredients added. So read the package or can and make sure before you add it! You can also bake fresh pumpkin, and put a scoop of it in your dog or puppy’s food.

How much pumpkin should they get?

  • Pumpkin helps with digestion. So with dry powdered pumpkin, I use a full teaspoon for dogs/puppies over 50 lbs. You can adjust it to more or less depending on the size and weight of the dog/puppy. With canned pumpkin, one uses about two tablespoons. With fresh cooked pumpkin, one uses a scoop that is about two tablespoons.
  • I use dry pumpkin powder unless its garden season. Then I can cook lots of fresh pumpkin to use.

Where do I get my dry, powdered pumpkin?

  • I get my dry, powdered pumpkin from Amazon. It comes in a large bucket. It is human grade, and you can also use it to make human shakes, pies and pumpkin bread! Click here to see and buy what I get: Powdered Pumpkin. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Bucket of Powdered Pumpkin

Pumpkin Powder

How to prepare fresh pumpkin for use?

To prepare fresh pumpkin to use, you just harvest, wash, remove the seeds, bake and dry! You can use it baked, or go a step further and dry it for longer term storage.

  • To use the baked pumpkin, just scoop, measure and add to the dog food.

How to dry and powder your own pumpkin?

  • To dry and powder baked pumpkin, you must first puree it in a blender. You can use the baked skin and pulp also. Just include it in the puree.
  • Then spread the puree out on parchment paper(if you are using an oven to dry it). Or you can spread it out onto a fruit leather sheet if you are using a dehydrator for the drying.
  • Once the pumpkin is dried/brittle, place it in a ziplock bag. Crush it inside the ziplock bag and there it becomes pumpkin powder!

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