What is a NuVet Dog?

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A NuVet Dog develops a stronger immune system.

A NuVet Dog develops a stronger immune system. Aside from a yearly, routine veterinarian visit and vaccination updates, NuVet dogs rarely require additional visits to the veterinarian. This is because they have better immunity and can withstand exposure to bacterial infections, viruses and other communicable illnesses. This saves you money at the veterinarian’s office because you don’t have to take them in for more appointments to get anti-bacterial/anti-viral pills, creams or ointments.

NuVet Dogs seem to stay virus and infection free, especially when they are kept up to date on regular vaccinations. The NuVet dog supplements are a compatible friend to the vaccination protections, and seem to support/strengthen the work of vaccines to protect your dog.

How can you make your dog a NuVet dog?

I have all of my dogs and puppies on NuVet supplements; NuVet Plus(Green Bottle) and NuVet Double Joint Plus(Blue Bottle). For my older dogs, I also give them NuVet Double Joint Plus Double Strength(Blue Bottle with Yellow DS on the label). Aside from their yearly veterinarian visit for vaccination updates, my adult dogs do not have to be taken in for extra visits because of exposure to communicable bacteria or viruses. This is because NuVet boosts and strengthens my dog’s natural immune system capabilities!

When I shampoo and groom my dogs/puppies I use gentle products. You can even get NuVet dog shampoo, which is sudsy and gentle on their skin. It refreshes and cleans their skin, removing harmful allergens, dust and dirt. This in turn has its positive effects on you because it reduces allergens that could be carried along to you.

You can also get NuVet aloe very dog ear wipes for cleaning delicate areas like inside dog’s ears.

Where can I get NuVet supplements, dog shampoo, and dog ear wipes? You can click here!

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